Robert Keding – Developer

I have worked as a Web Developer and Designer for over 13 years in addition to my 15 years of experience as an Art Director, Graphic Designer, Typographer, Digital Illustrator and Production Artist. My unique combination of experience and precision execution create added value to any web project. My agency experience and work ethic ensure the highest quality outcome for each project. My goal is to design, develop and produce professional, well-conceived web applications and web sites.

• Digital Account Management • Application Architecture • Team Management • Problem Solving • Project Planning • Levels Of Effort • Product Design • iOS Development • XHTML • CSS • Javascript ( jQuery, MooTools ) • Single Page Apps • AngularJS • Backbone • Marionette • RequireJS • Grunt • JSON • NODEJS • PHP ( Zend, Cake, CodeIgnitor) • CMS Development • Joomla • WordPress • Drupal • phpSurvey • phpBB • Gallery 2 • OpenRealty • eCommerce Development • XCart • VirtueMart • OSCommerce • Actionscript 2.0 • Actionscript 3.0 • XML • MySql • SVN • Web Design (Awards) • Typography /Digital Typography • Art Direction • Graphic Design • Print Production • Video Editing • Sound Design and Editing

Senior Engineer, Technology
The Designory, Long Beach, CA
April 2015 – Current
Senior Engineer on multiple projects for automotive clients. Projects include technology stacks using Grunt, Backbone, Marionette, Require, Handlebars, NodeJS, Angular, Greensock, Unity, Laravel, PHP, Objective-C. Work includes architecture for new HTML5 program, work flow, process design. Also includes communication with stake holders, account team, business intelligence team and Tokyo office. Work also includes building out code base and testing cross browser, tablets and mobile devices.

Senior Web Developer
Smith Interactive, Seattle
Aug 2014 – April, 2015
Functioned as Senior Web Developer and providing support on a number of accounts, projects and technology stacks. I have assisted in development or maintenance on micro sites and Single Page Apps for ATT, ADP/Cobalt and Microsoft. Tasks include front-end development, CMS Site development, PHP and MySQL Development, Responsive Design, Single Page Application development, warranty and debugging for cross-browser and mobile support.

• HTML5/AngularJS/SINGLE PAGE APPS/Responsive – Was able to hit the ground running, ramp on architecture and add new features immediately. All sites are responsive from desktop to mobile and tested cross-browser/cross-platform and mobile including IE8 – IE11, FF, Chrome, Safari, iOS Safari, Android stock browsers, Android Chrome, Windows Mobile IE browsers.
• HTML5/JS/SINGLE PAGE APPS/Responsive/ASP.NET MVC – Provided front end support for Microsoft websites as part of large developer team using ASP.NET and Umbraco merged with AngularJS client side. Able to ramp on architecture and add new features immediately. All sites were tested cross-browser/cross-platform and mobile. Visual Studio and TFS.

Senior Front-End Developer
Robert Keding Creative
April 2014 – Aug 2014
Worked in multiple disciplines on a variety of web and mobile development projects. Tasks include front-end development, CMS Architecture, AS3 Application Development, PHP and MySQL Development, iOS Development, JS Apps, Single Page Application development, Video Editing, Asset Production and Product Development.

Manager of Technology
The Designory
Oct, 2012 – April, 2014
• MANAGEMENT – Responsible for all digital deliverables from The Designory to SOA. Tasks include Model Year project and resource planning, LOE/scoping projects, creating business requirements, managing teams of developers and supervising and assisting with deliverables. Direct communication and collaboration with other SOA Marketing Partners. Management of work flow and milestones with off-shore development team. Research and development of new technologies. Coordination with BI team for all tracking requirements and implementation of GA and Omniture logic in all deliverables.

• HTML5/BACKBONE/SINGLE PAGE APPS – Created Proof of Concepts and initial framework for new HTML brochures for Subaru. Lead the effort to create a re-usable framework. Utilized Backbone/Marionette, RequireJS, NodeJS, Grunt, jQuery Mobile in addition to other context specific JS libraries. We were able to recreate 90% of FLASH functionality in HTML using Greensock and other JS add-ons. Functionality included page transitions, 360s, pull-tabs,, iteration changes, unload animations and more. New HTML digital brochures load in Desktop and tablet browsers. Tested and implemented files to accommodate a SEO strategy for Single Page Applications. HTML5/JS/Mobile

• iOS DEVELOPMENT – Assisted with architecture and structural planning for updated iOS framework. Lead developer on first MY14 Subaru iPad App for 2014 Subaru Forester. Tasks included integrating new framework into new project and building out views to wire frames. Assisting production team with asset specs. Managing development with in-house iOS team. Coordinating work-flow with off-shore team. iOS/Apple Developer

• MULTI-PLATFORM/INTEGRATED MARKETING – Planned, scoped and resourced for multi-platform integrated marketing campaign for Subaru and The 2013 New York Auto Show. Tasks included prototyping micro-sites and testing for desktop and mobile, functional tech lead in development stage, coordination with CG vendor for specs and creation of assets, development and deployment of iOS and Android apps with Aurasma and cross-browser/mobile compatible micro-sites hosted at partner agencies in US and Japan. iOS/Android/HTML5/Mobile/Flash

Senior Front-End Developer
The Designory
April 2009 – October 2012
Worked in multiple disciplines on a variety of web and mobile development projects. Tasks include front-end development, CMS Architecture, AS3 Application Development, PHP and MySQL Development, iOS Development, Video Editing, Asset Production and Product Development. Performing as a delivery manager while managing a team of developers. Also assisting in the creation of LOEs for multiple projects.

• iOS Development – Contributing developer for Subaru MY13 iPad App updates and maintenance. Worked with multiple iOS SDKs for GA tracking, video presentation and more. Integrated Aurasma SDK into Stand Alone apps for Subaru and Infiniti to be included in multi-dimensional marketing efforts. Uploaded multiple apps to App Store. OS/Apple Developer/

• TECHNOLOGY AWARD – Received TDI 2010 ‘Excellence in Innovation’ award for efforts in the architecture of a Flash-based RIA for The Designory.

• RIA ARCHITECTURE – Principle developer for an AS3 digital brochure application as an extension of The Designory’s award winning print work. The application was developed from the ground up allowing for an enhanced user experience and rich digital presence. The application uses OOP methodology and is modular allowing us to leverage code for new projects. Includes modules for printing, zoom, share, email, thumbnail navigation, search, video player and sound as well as animation tools for content including 360s and tabbed content. Also developed all server side scripts in tandem with AS3 modules. Application is being used for Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru and Audi. See Online Portfolio. AS3/FLASH/XHTML/JS/CSS/PHP/JAVA

• CMS ARCHITECTURE – Principle developer for a proprietary LAMP based CMS for The Designory to be implemented by Nissan Commercial Vehicles and other clients. System includes security, support for localization, users and user group support, social media tools, multi-media tools, content creation tools, save and publish features and more. Architecture
follows basic MVC principles and was designed for fast implementation of new tools. Integrated CMS with Flash front-end as prototype. See Online Portfolio. PHP/MySQL/CSS/XHTML/JS/FLASH

• CMS ARCHITECTURE – Contributing developer for custom tools in a proprietary LAMP based CMS for VCA Animal Hospitals. Tools included a DHTML Image Management tool with AJAX uploading, Doctors and Staff Modules, an Equipment Module and an extensive Queue Approval Manager for site content approval and more. All built to wire frame requirements.
See Online Portfolio. PHP/MySQL/CSS/XHTML/JS

• CSS/XHTML/Javascript – Contributing developer on multiple Model Year updates for NissanUSA and InfinitiUSA. Created xhtml templates using jQuery and JSON and integrated into InfinitUSA current offers section. CSS/XHTML/JS/JSON

Web Developer / Web Designer
Robert Keding Creative
June 2003 – April 2009
Worked on a variety of web development projects from the ground up. Tasks included award
winning web design, front-end development, CMS installations, UI development, web consulting and server-side script customization.

• WEB DESIGN Designed layout and UI for self-promotion Flash web site allowing the site to win a Gold for Design from the American Design Awards Monthly competition in July, 2008.
• WEB DESIGN Designed layout and UI for client web site. Web Site won a Silver Award for Design from the Summit International Awards in April, 2008.
• DESIGN/CSS/XHTML Designed, built and installed skins for Joomla, Mambo, X-Cart, DotNetNuke and WordPress allowing for original design with Content Management Systems.
• CSS/XHTML/Javascript Created tight pure CSS layouts and multi-browser style sheets allowing for maximum aesthetic integrity across browsers and platforms.
• XHTML Created validating XHTML code for web sites enabling cross browser-compatibility and accessibility.
• PHP/MySQL/CSS/XHTML Installed and customized Content Management Systems; Joomla, DotNetNuke, Drupal, WordPress, Gallery 2, X-Cart, phpSurvey, Mambo, phpBB allowing clients to maintain their own web content.
• ActionScript/FLASH/XML Created Card Match Game using Object Oriented Programing, Actionscript and external XML data in Flash allowing children to learn about marine life.
• FLASH/Actionscript – Created full alphabet set of animated letters using Flash and Actionscript and integrating them into an interactive children’s DVD enabling children to see examples as they practice writing the alphabet.

Miscellaneous Accomplishments:
• Javascript/CSS/XHTML – Installed and implemented Prototype, JQuery, MooTools and Yahoo User Interface Library frameworks enabling animated navigation, slide shows, DOM manipulation and other various usages.
• PHP/Javascript/XHTML/CSS – Customized Joomla Virtuemart Component adding MooTools multiple image gallery allowing images to be displayed as animated slide show for each product.
• FLASH/Actionscript – Created Microsite for Sony Mylo using Flash and Actionscript allowing users to view product information and send a link to their friends.
• FLASH/ActionScript/XML – Created wireframe version of card game called “Lost Cities” in Flash using OOP, classes and Actionscript 2.0 enabling users to play online version of game.
• PHP/MySQL/CSS/XHTML – Created front-end inventory module for Virtuemart enabling customers to view “Current and Available” inventory.
• PHP/XHTML/CSS – Customized Virtuemart PDF print functionality by incorporating DOMPDF library and customized print templates allowing users to download and print product sales sheets.
• PHP/Javascript/XHTML/CSS – Customized Simple Image Gallery Module from enabling up to 10 unique slide shows per page.
• PHP/MySQL/Javascript/XHTML/CSS – Customized “Front Page Slide Show 1.7.2” Component and Module from adding multiple gallery feature, category labeling and custom templates with animation allowing for unlimited galleries, categories and slides.
• Javascript/XHTML/CSS/FLASH – Implemented YUI Library for DOM content replacement enabling continuous animation of Flash content in non-flickering web pages.
• XHTML/CSS/Javascript – Customized Joomla Modules and Components allowing for XHTML validation.
• PHP – Customized class level PHP files in Joomla, X-Cart and Virtuemart enabling custom behaviors for client web sites.
• PHP/Javascript/MySQL/Smarty/CSS/XHTML – Created unique customer interface to be viewed after purchase for X-Cart allowing customers to upload images, complete forms, see project status and communicate with client.
• PHP – Set up merchant accounts with various banking institutions and payment gateways enabling clients to use e-commerce to sell products.
• PHP/MySQL/XHTML/CSS – Integrated WordPress and Gallery 2 allowing a blog site to have over 1000 images and videos.
• MySQL – Customized MySQL databases adding table and fields allowing unique behaviors and content in client web sites.
• LINUX/APACHE – Used command line to install various items on Apache Servers allowing the addition of server level functions for web sites.
• LINUX – Maintained two linux servers with dozens of domains since 2003.

Digital Typography & Graphic Design
Typeguy Design
April 1995 – April 2009
• Worked on a variety of projects for local and national clients.
• Tasks included graphic design, typography, art direction, digital illustration, font alterations, kerning, web design and
• Worked for many nationally recognized companies such as Cole & Weber, Foote/Cone/Belding – New York, Livingston & Company, Wieden & Kennedy, The Leonhardt Group, Hornal/Anderson Design, Hammerquist & Saffel, WongDoody Advertising and many other high-profile clients.

Digital Typography & Digital Production
Bruce Hale Design
January 1994 – May 1999
• Created custom typography and digital artwork to be used as signage, packaging, collateral and identity branding for nationally acclaimed designer, Bruce Hale.
• Provided services for typography and print-production.
• Clients included Eddie Bauer, Starbuck’s, Seattle Symphony, The Bon Marchè, Pacific Center, Pyramid Brewery and more.

Studio Manager & Type Director
Cole & Weber Advertising
February 1992 – January 1994
• Led a complete studio conversion from traditional to desktop technology.
• Conversion included customizing special client fonts from film and kerning font families to match Compugraphic quality.
• Trained existing personnel.
• Worked with art directors to enhanced the creative process while maintaining the highest level of typographic standards.
• Created custom typography as Type Director on many award winning print campaigns.
• Created custom Typography supers for Indigo Girls “Galileo” video for Mark Fenske and Steve Lukar of Cole & Weber and the Bomb Factory.

Studio Manager / Typographer
Kresser/Craig Advertising
October 1989 – February 1992
• Redesigned, restructured and restaffed the studio.
• Introduced electronic production to the studio.
• Created a customized font library with alterations and kern pairs matching traditional methods of typesetting.
• Created and set defined standards for desktop publishing to maintain traditional typographic quality.
• Kresser/Craig print advertising won many local and national awards.

Project Supervisor / Production Artist
Foote, Cone, Belding, OC
June 1989 – October 1989
• Worked on printed collateral on the Mazda account for the ‘90 model year including brochures and dealer ad kits.
• Work included everything from tissues to mechanicals using traditional methods
• Introduced desktop technology to the production department.
• Always ahead of time and under budget.

Production Artist
Rubin Postaer & Associates
March 1988 – June 1989
• Worked with a variety of accounts at Rubin Postaer.
• Hand-colored hundreds of typositor headlines and created tissues for typesetting.
• Assisted with all aspects of the 89’ model year Honda brochures and the dealer ad kit. All work was done by hand
using traditional methods.